Editorial: extending boundaries through cooperation


Dear followers,
keeping the distance has become the new way of life, a kind of a formula ominously dubbed the new normal. Online school and classes under masks have reminded us all that we are physical beings in need of motion, as well as social beings demanding real life contacts. Not only are we now relying on digital media more than ever, and not just for teaching and learning, but we are also using them for other kinds of events and meetings. Incapable of replacing real life communication, they still offer a variety of opportunities.

In 2020, when the first pandemic wave struck the world, we witnessed the outburst of creativity on the world wide web – the effort to explore, create and act together in virtual space. In such a context, an idea and invitation for cooperation was extended to MIOC in Zagreb by Gimnazija Vič in Ljubljana: let’s cooperate on a platform edited by students from both schools, talking and writing in English, publishing essays, poems or science papers, collaborating on a web page. This way students could practice English, get the opportunity to publish their work and share what is most valuable in the world – ideas. The invitation was accepted, hence the very first posts on our web page are in front of you.

It is essential to extend the boundaries of one’s own world. Who we are and what we wish to be, becomes clear only through interaction with others. By thinking outside the box and giving a bit more effort, we become better beings and enrich one another. The best outreach in science and arts is often a result of different people, cultures and ideas coming together. Students’ contribution presented on this page is a testimony thereto. We are proud to present the first version of our joint web page.

We wish a joyful reading, exploring, and creative work to all our authors and followers.
We are looking forward to the near future when editorials will be signed by student editors.


Editorial board of teachers