Locked Down

Share the stories of your lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, through all of its ups and downs. These works will help make you feel less distanced, despite the isolation.

King in the castle

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 509 total views     Domen and Phoebe (like the character form Friends, yes) Domen: I’m miserable. Phoebe: You don’t say! Domen: Maybe we could go somewhere. Phoebe: Let’s go. Domen: But, we can’t. Phoebe: Why not? Domen: We’re waiting. Phoebe: Who for? Domen: So they let us out. Phoebe: And who has to let us …

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 482 total views You sit down. You turn on your computer. You drink your tea. You start your day. It tastes stale by now – you made it only a few minutes ago, but you’ve been repeating the same routine so much that nothing is fresh anymore. Everything feels stale, your bedroom, your phone, all your …

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