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Hi! We are a team of five currently working on an app that helps people lead greener lives. We also happen to be best friends who met in MIOC high school in Zagreb. The five of us have been concerned about the consequences of climate change for a long time. That is why, when we first heard about the Hackathon: Code for change, we decided to enter.

We are all aware that acting locally is a big part of alleviating the consequences of global warming. We soon realized that we weren’t doing enough individually and that frustrated us.

The idea was to create an app that motivates people to live more conscientious lives by creating habits. It uses positive reinforcement and rewards people with pretty animations, interesting facts, unlockable habitats and so on. The app provides you with multiple tasks giving you points once you’ve completed them. Progress is represented by a sequence of lovely pictures showing a recovering habitat.



Our hope is to help people create greener habits in a more interactive way by completing given tasks. With time we aspire to turn these tasks into a part of your daily routine. Thus far we have made visual representations of what our application is supposed to look like, as well as constructed a mockup version of it. Currently, we are acquiring individual skills which will enable us to create the app entirely. We are all very excited to continue working on this project.


Eloise Habek, Fran Karlović, Jana Klarić, Lucija Baljint & Niko Čović, XV. gimnazija