How can I Get My Ex to end performing Funny in my opinion and Go Out with my pals?

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Reader Question:

I like my personal ex in which he understands it, but the guy additionally understands that I’m matchmaking at this time. Me and my personal ex learn every thing about one another, and we also have actually a spark anytime we come across one another. I simply wish him to stop performing amusing if you ask me and day my friends.

-Danna H. (Texas)

Specialist’s Response:

Hi Danna,

I’m some puzzled. You will still such as your ex and he knows it, nevertheless wish him to visit on together with your pals? Was I lacking something? It sounds like the spark between your ex is live and well. You will want to supply the commitment another try?

Both of you currently “know everything about each other,” generally there will not be any of that “beginning of a commitment” awkwardness. Now, I don’t know precisely why the two of you separated in the first place or how long you used to be with each other, but unless you split due to an irreparable concern (cheating, different life goals, etc.), I then say go for it. Invite your ex lover to coffee and tell him that which you explained. If the spark is there, after that your relationship is one thing that should be reviewed.

Let me know the way it goes.