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Why should I be satisfied with monotony in life 

And all the things I do in cycles every day 

Do anything in my power to avoid any strife 

Lower my head and choose the easy way 

Why would I avoid making a risky move 

Just out of fear someone might disapprove 


Why shouldn’t I look far and beyond 

Reach for the things they say can never be mine 

Ignore all the warnings and break every bond 

In the end, it’s my life that’s on the line 

Why wouldn’t I reach for more if I have a chance to 

Rather than let it slip away and pretend I never knew 


What should I be if not rash and bold 

Isn’t that what it means to finally be grown 

What all young people are being told 

Once they decide to make their lives their own 

Never back down, fight and scream for more 

You’ll have plenty of time later to be a bore 


What can bright eyes see in patched pathways 

Or the never changing buildings by the road 

What is it there for minds that are in a haze 

By the dreams whose realizations they feel they’re owed 

Tell me now, as I am one of them, why would I not bite 

Why should I settle when I’m more than ready to fight 


And yet those seem like thinkings of a fool 

A person who can only think of tomorrow 

So the repetitiveness of it to them makes life cruel 

And yet they’re the ones trapping themselves in sorrow 

By refusing to see it as anything but what they want it to be 

Reinforcing the idea that the only solution is to flee 


And yet they are fools just as I am a fool, impatient 

Trying to get more, only later realizing what we had 

Doing everything, anything to be facient 

And yet in the end just searching for things to add 

Condemning monotony with all our might 

Refusing to believe it can shine just as bright 


But can anyone really say they have seen it all 

Even after taking the same route thousands of times 

Has anyone noticed all the cracks in the wall 

Or ever listened to a favourite song indifferent to its rhymes 

Have the stars ever looked the same a single night 

Can anyone say there’s nothing that didn’t catch their sight 


Can anyone say they’ve never found comfort in the known 

Or gladly lost their voice the fifth Friday in a row 

That they don’t have their tree, greeting, even a stone 

Or enjoyed sliding a hundred times a day in the snow 

That their morning coffee doesn’t raise their spirits at least a bit 

Can anyone really say there’s no charm to any of it 


For there is a beauty in monotony we refuse to see 

For it holds a spark we so eagerly overlook 

Our minds prefer to stay in a haze than to let our eyes run free 

Because every boring, repetitive thing then becomes a hook 

Once you start dancing around the holes under your feet 

Or be the only one with open windows because you know a cheat 


For monotony is far more than the same paths and faces 

For happiness is far more than a search for something new 

It is truly found in small details and subtle traces 

And is a timeless search for all but a lucky few 

So tell me, why should I ignore this if it’s a sign 

Why shouldn’t I be satisfied with monotony in this life of mine 





Ema Vlajčević, 3.f