Never in our lives…

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Never in our lives did we expect that we’d live through the events that occurred in the past year. As we look back at what »normal« life was we cannot fathom how recklessly we used to live. Imagine going to a concert? No masks. No hand sanitisers. No distance.

We sit at the dinner table with our family and have nothing new to tell each other. There have been many times when my dad would ask: “how was your day?”  and all I could reply was: “same as yesterday”. The discussion, after we realise that our lives have been paused, is usually about the numbers blared in our faces by the media or our memories from before everything changed. Remember when we could drive anywhere at any time? Oh, how about the time when we could go for a coffee with our friends? The world has stopped but our lives continue.

Quarantine has hit us with a wave of emotions, some we have never experienced before. We have been locked in our house with only our closest relatives to socialise with. At the beginning this sudden change felt rather fun, new and exciting but as days went by those emotions started to intertwine with others. Loss of motivation, boredom, loneliness, stress, anxiety, sadness and even rage were beginning to come to the surface. Somehow  these emotions became more dominant than feeling safe, at peace and relaxed. It’s easy to feel such feelings after being your own company for months.

That being said, this crazy situation has completely changed us in ways we had never thought it would. Some have changed for the better, some have had a really hard time. Nonetheless it gives us a new way to view life going forward and hopefully there will be situations, no matter how big or small, we will never take for granted again.


Gaja Bergant, Gimnazija Vič