Songwriter Ivan Kanjuh

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 865 total views Hello, my name is Ivan Kanjuh and I am a student and a singer-songwriter from Croatia. I attend both MIOC high school and the Music School Elly Bašić as a violinist. From a young age I showed a great deal of interest in music so I decided to go to elementary music school. …

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King in the castle

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 500 total views     Domen and Phoebe (like the character form Friends, yes) Domen: I’m miserable. Phoebe: You don’t say! Domen: Maybe we could go somewhere. Phoebe: Let’s go. Domen: But, we can’t. Phoebe: Why not? Domen: We’re waiting. Phoebe: Who for? Domen: So they let us out. Phoebe: And who has to let us …

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Never in our lives…

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 445 total views     Never in our lives did we expect that we’d live through the events that occurred in the past year. As we look back at what »normal« life was we cannot fathom how recklessly we used to live. Imagine going to a concert? No masks. No hand sanitisers. No distance. We sit …

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My horse – my teacher

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 462 total views   Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed spending my afternoons or weekends on a horse ranch learning how to ride and take care of the animals. I’ve been horse riding for the last eight years and it has influenced my life a lot, allowing me to learn new things about …

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Poems by Uma

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 434 total views my heart is empty like the streets once crowded by people   it’s so quiet   I listen to music to try and make it go away but the internal loneliness remains   this past year has felt like one of those dreams you just can’t wake up from   you are awake …

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 616 total views   Hi! We are a team of five currently working on an app that helps people lead greener lives. We also happen to be best friends who met in MIOC high school in Zagreb. The five of us have been concerned about the consequences of climate change for a long time. That is why, when we first heard about the Hackathon: Code for change, we decided to enter. We are all aware …

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 452 total views I wrote this story as an allegory inspired by a real-life event. The plot of this story is located on a spacious meadow surrounded by dense forest, full of all kinds of flowers of different colors and sizes, from lilies and violets to daffodils. Lirio was a lily. While he was small and …

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Poems by Rina

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 458 total views Zvijezde padalice Zauzimam pola kubika ovog neba miriše na hladno i tamno plavo poprimam oblik utora azbestnog krova a one gore izgaraju kao žigice Misaoni eksperiment šapuće mi “Što da klizne ti kontrola, trzneš se, skotrljaš s krova?” Zauzimam pola kubika ovog stropa polomljena fino stapam se u madrac komadić lampe gasne u …

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Math Related Activities – Escape Room

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 402 total views It has become a long-standing tradition of sorts in our school, XV. Gimnazija, to host an annual mathematics related event, known as “Večer matematike” or The Math Evening, which is essentially a chance for students with an interest in math to come together and apply mathematics in various fun projects and activities. The …

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